• 26Nov

    I like this video very much, a good one, without bski about anything. Explained and 100% reliable in my opinion. There are not many such good things on the net you will find and I will try to find more of these rare ones. Anyway, a  good breakout system, do not buy or sell just after you see it going cross the line, wait, be patient and lower the risk. Good stuff.

  • 19Nov
    Daytrading, Scalping Comments Off

    This guys seems to be concentrated and know what he is doing. No bski, no braggin, just live trading and comments. Actually watching his videos you get a bit feel of how its like to put your own money on the table.

  • 18Nov

    Ok, so here is the question: do you need to really preapare yourself to trade, look at all the things which happened in the night while you were taking a sleep, is it about checking the news, the whole story which might move the day - in general to preapre yourself to day trade? Well, most of people actually do that and it helps as they say to grasp the feel of the situation better. Here is the video on how to read the chart before you make the trade and how to exploit these informations later in the day.

  • 12Nov
    Indicators, Swing Trading Comments Off

    There you have it, another interesting trading system for those who like to keep these stocks a bit longer. Again, I am not crazy about indicators, just because I belive that after time they just are useless and disturb you. But if you still belive in these fancy lines then maybe you will like this one too. You know, there are lots and lots of systems methods out there. But the point is only a small percent of them is suitable for you. Even if on paper it seems that everything with the system is just fine. Think about this.

  • 10Nov
    Related Comments Off

    While browsing some videos I realised today that the percentage of crap pushed from all sorts of gurus is absolutely making me sick. This is really not something to laugh about, ok, maybe for a couple of minutes it is funny but after this…

  • 09Nov

    In the world of charts there are some certain rules which actually are very commonly known as the working ones. I mean, dont get me wrong, othing is 100% sure in this busines as they say but couple of interesting things just works better than other stuff. One of these famouse tools is 50% retracement which is described in this video. Interesting enough, worth to know.

  • 09Nov
    Moving averages Comments Off

    Looking at charts made of candlesticks or bars or even simple line makes it sometimes hard to read what is going on. Usually it happens to the newbies, market apears as a chaos. Well, there are some certain ways to avoid it and one of them is to average the price action with… moving averages. This video will show you how easy it can be to read market action with these simple tool. Ofcourse there is always a downside. If you get used to this type of charting or even get read of the actual price bars or candles you will be missing some very important piece of information, right?

  • 06Nov

    I really cant figure this one out but there has to be something with it. So there are these Gann tools, like angles, levels and boxes. Gann box i actually a geometrical path with angles inside this form aiming to put together time and price as equal as can be. As complicated as it sounds I really dont understand that concept so much actually because I have never found any interesting boxes on charts. Anyway here is a this video with strategy of trading with Gann box.

  • 15Oct
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    Just when you thought it is a bottom finally and people run to buy some stocks one get what deserve - another free fall. If you ask me, I belive that this thing is going to last until the end of a year. Dont ask me why thou. Just my opinion. Some people dont really realize that you can actually profit on this, because of the instruments available for every trader. Here you have a short video about one of possibilities. Check this out.

  • 12Oct
    Strategies Comments Off

    Ok, from time to time there are folks who tend to sell something that sure looks like holy grail. Ofcourse after you purchase it all becomes clear and another scam added to your portfolio. Right but what about the ones who give these marveles systems just for free? I never could figure this out but hey, this video shows the system which actually is said to be so great that it is priceless, and actually it is for free. Check it for yourself.

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